Ideal for every market

Window tints are essentially high-quality stickers with strong reflective characteristics. In its very core, it is made up of a very thin film made of polyester base with a scratch-resistant coating.

A strong adhesive is applied on one face to adhere to the window.

This film alone does not give its intended purpose without supplementing it with additives.

In order to achieve the usual benefits window tints provide, successive layers of film needs to be added and here at GLASSTINT, we are proud of our top grade window tint products in all categories from entry to super.

Of a truth, experimenting stops as soon as the most appropriate set of tinting films is found.

The other aspect that must be mentioned: the clearness of "GLASSTINT" film stands out in comparison with the majority of competitors' films.

The reason for this is using the highest class polyester as basic material, which makes the final product (film) look incredibly clear.

With proper tinting installation, trust me, people will think that it is colored glass (it looks that natural on the window glass).

These are few more reasons why you should change or at least give a try to GLASSTINT window tinting film as our products are ideal for every market

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