New Tinting Film Products Available

Whether it's to upgrade your vehicle's look or block light on hot days, the best window tint can completely transform your car or truck.

Auto tints are applied to the glass surfaces of your vehicle, such as the windshield, rear glass, and side windows. The best auto tint has several advantages that will make driving not only more comfortable but also safer.

The best types of window tint typically come in various shades of black and are rated by the percentage of visible light transmission (VLT) that enters the vehicle. Tints with a lower VLT percentage are darker, while tints with a higher VLT percentage are lighter. For example, a VLT with 50 percent means that 50 percent of the light will come into the vehicle. The best window tint percentage is up to you.

Each type of auto tint has a particular level of UV-blocking capability. For example, ceramic films are 99 percent effective, while dyed, carbon and metalized films don't provide as much protection. The higher the percentage of UV blocking power, the better it is for protecting your vehicle's interior from fading. However, here at GLASSTINT, we are adding products to our catalogue of window tint film products.

Now Available Optic W and Sunset

Optic W

GLASSTINT Optic W is a great alternative as it also has high IRR reflection [81.2%] and has been engineered to make driving long distances more comfortable, especially at night by reducing glare. It has become a quick favorite of the Lamborghini Showroom in Korea and is used for the side windows of most of its cars.


GLASSTINT Sunset is a luxurious reflective film with no interference due to its sputtering technology. Many customers wanted to sport the shine of metal window tints but were unsatisfied by the setbacks metal films have regarding interference of devices. Nowadays that we rely on our phone for everything and we need of the GPS to go anywhere or even have hands free calls while driving. GLASSTINT Sunset is the most advanced reflective film of its kind and has an amazing mirror effects.

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