Partners all over the world wanted!

The bigger you grow the more partners you happen to have. With trustworthy partners, a business will develop at fast pacing speed. Car tinting business is not an exception.

In other words, at a certain point synergy of powers take place, which could lead to a fantastic outcome for all parts involved in it.

In this regard, GLASSTINT is open to establishing productive partner relationships to achieve the common target – “success”.

What could be the requirements or expectations for our potential partners?

First of all, we strongly believe in our product and service! Without this belief, it is like a house without foundation, everything will fall apart. GLASSTINT Company grew up step by step: brick by brick walls of the building called “company value” have been constructed. Of course, we, like all the entrepreneurs, wish financial prosper and commercial blossom. However, it should happen only as an outcome of GLASSTINT customers and partners’ satisfaction.

If money comes through misleading or by virtue of fraud/speculation, that money is a burden for the owner. So, we are not looking for a burden at all, since earning money in a fair way is absolutely real. Coming to the conclusion of the above-mentioned idea, it is necessary to say that the quality and excellence of GLASSTINT products are not questionable to us, due to our high demands for this aspect.

What about attitude?

Another important facet is our attitude to car window tinting. Many years ago starting as just a car tinting shop, not having our tinting film, until now every car is treated like our own vehicle, with maximum attention and care. To be honest, we do mistakes (would like to prevent all of them, but who can do it?), however, for this reason, GLASSTINT has After-Service as human as possible.

We do not neglect any customers’ consideration whatsoever. As professionals, we have to correct everything that is not done perfectly, moreover, in case of misunderstanding the sufficient explanations must be done. Understanding every single advantage of car tinting gives us an opportunity to enlarge the culture of vehicle window tinting.

If you understand our vision, if you share GLASSTINT values, if you are as passionate about tinting as us and if you wish to develop your car tinting business, you are welcome on board any time.