Tinting, Supply, and happy Customers

This weekend proved to be a major success for the team here at GLASSTINT. The shop (and our partners all across the world) was flooded with curious buyers looking to find a new go-to window tinting film supplier.

A Big Day for Your Favorite Tinting Supplier

They were curious - as one should be - about investing in our films and asked a ton of great questions. Many of these conversations lead to conversions - that is, a host of new first -time buyers. Others, however, had groups of excited potential clients wanting to know how to tint a car.

At the end of the day, we're thrilled to see so many happy faces.

Each customer left with the knowledge that they had just purchased an order of Korea’s premium tinted film for glass windows.

But What About Tinting?

In terms of tinting, the weekend was far from slow!

A car show rolled through town, bringing tons of business.

Subsequently, the business was steady and our time was taken up with a number of unique privacy window film projects.

Because of this, a customer with a gorgeous BMW 5 came in, having been recommended to pay us a visit. Previously, the recommendation had been given in good faith by one of his closest friends, a Volvo owner. He had used our tinting film for his company vehicle.

This particular customer had a keen interest in utilizing both our supplier options and our tinting services. So, after giving him the low down of how car tinting film delivery works and the price of shipments, we got to work on his car.

What Did We Use?

To bring this client’s car from stunning to otherworldly, we knew that we needed to use a popular film.

Subsequently, we reverted to our go-to films: GLASSTINT Shure X 32 and GLASSTINT Shure X 12.

We used Shure X 12 on the rear windshield and side windows. This was chosen for two great reasons. Firstly, its natural charcoal color and secondly, its 12% VLT. In addition, its complimentary VLR (visible light reflected) of 5.5% was highly favorable.

Shure X 32, however, was chosen for a variety of other factors including its total solar energy rejection of 58% and internal temperature reduction. This being said, both mean that each vehicle that has Shure X 32 is installed in stays up to 13 degrees cooler inside than cars without - awesome!

And one of the most important facts about GLASSTINT Shure X film is that this is made of premium ceramic material, which makes it exceptional in terms of properties and specifications.

Want To Become A Partner?

If you’re considering joining the team, we’d be more than happy to have you!

By signing up to be a partner, you can join our close-knit network of global partners. Our partners include GLASSTINT installation shops and suppliers, all of which are working towards a common goal: the success of our beloved business.