True Black

When it comes to window film, there are high quality and lower quality films that aim to do the same thing but won’t do them for as long.

High quality window tinting can last a lifetime, if installed and cared for correctly. When your car is so expensive it hurts to put cheap things into it. It deserves only the best.

Client's Need: GLASSTINT

Here at GLASSTINT, to wrap up the week, we received a mail from one of our clients saying: "Please note, the shade colour of the tint MUST be pure black. We will not accept with other shade of black such as brownish, greenish, yellowish, bluish, etc. It must be BLACK in all VLT.

And we answered: "Our PENDER (charcoal), RODE (deep blue), SHURE X (halfway between deep blue and charcoal) line of films are pure black color from the outside with the slight tint when viewed from the inside, we sometimes install mixed sides / front+back and the final result looks the same with all three"

When we talked with our CEO about this he was surprised that other films are not truly black. He laughed and said that we can install mixed products because the films are the exact same color on the outside: True Black.

We understand the requirement as bad window film will offset the innate elegance of the color of darkness.


Lower quality film can protect against the harmful rays of the sun and provide color to your windows, but they are prone to fading and will need replacement a lot more frequently. These tints can start fading or lifting one year after installation.


High quality film is an investment in your family’s health, security and in the longevity of your home and vehicle’s interior. This is because higher quality film does more to protect against the UV and infrared rays and can even act as protective window film. High quality film can last for 30 years and even a lifetime if installed and cared for correctly.

Our ceramic window film is one of the most durable films and is a great investment. It reduces heat and protects while remaining crystal clear. The benefits of ceramic film are endless, it provides up to 90% protection against infrared rays and is 99% effective in protecting blocking UV rays.

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