Car window tinting is a specific industry, where once the tinter found the window film that suits his needs best, it is most likely that he will not change his choice for a long time.

Experimenting stops as soon as the most appropriate set of tinting films is found. The customers demand and you can fulfill this demand – that is about enough to avoid purchasing other brand’s films and make an effort to sell them. In this regard, one can say “it is a tinter’s comfortable zone” because the work with a distributor or supplier is adjusted well, so all the film supplies happen as a habit – automatically.


In that case, the tinter as an entrepreneur starts losing opportunities to grow the business. Let me explain why. The market of any product of any country is a phenomenon of absolutely constant changes. Of course the market of some products is not as fast pacing as a market of other ones, but still, changes in preferences of customers, shift in top product leaders, the appearance of the new suddenly popular item – those things are not inevitable.

In all this, the most important quality of a successful entrepreneur (in our situation it is tinting shop manager) is TO BE ABLE TO CATCH UP WITH NEW TRENDS. Sometimes it is crucial to recognize or to find out that a NEW trend or a new potential best-seller, with the help of which businessmen can enlarge a company and income.

Premium tinting service, how to achieve it?

So, let’s come closer to why you should at least try GLASSTINT product. Well, as a matter of fact, we have created a PREMIUM TINTING SERVICE in South Korea. In this regard, we have an enormous amount of marketing experience when it comes to the question “how to become a solid premium cluster company”. Moreover, we possess knowledge on how to be not just a typical tinting shop, but the one which attracts only luxury vehicles.

By typing "GLASSTINT" in Korean (글라스틴트) in Google, by the quantity of content You can roughly understand how successful we are in South Korea. Check it Yourself!

Understanding of additional choice advantages

Let’s look at this from one more angle. When the customer comes to your shop you usually can propose some typical products like 3M, Llumar, Suntek, Solargard, V-Kool, etc, all those brands, that you can find anywhere. At the same time modern customers starving for something new, even though it is not always obvious. Knowing that you could be the one, who gives your customers extra choice, something fresh, new, uncommon – “premium ceramic tinting film GLASSTINT, with proved specifications, manufactured in Korea, with a personal certificate of quality, that could be imprinted or sent to customer’s e-mail”. If you find a piece of dust, we will return the whole role of our film. Production has reached the level, that we are absolutely sure – GLASSTINT 1,5m*30m roll of film will have not a single piece of dust.

Why this tinting film is better than others?

The other aspect that must be mentioned: the clearness of "GLASSTINT" film stands out in comparison with the majority of competitors' films. The reason for this is using the highest class polyester as basic material, which makes the final product (film) look incredibly clear. With proper tinting installation, I bet people will think that it is colored glass (it looks that natural on the window glass).

Any other advantages to partner with "GLASSTINT"?

Aggressive marketing, huge support for our partners, serious presence in the world wide web and all the social media, strong and comfortable order system, shipping anywhere in the world, opportunity to learn from our tinting experience and marketing experience and the utmost important “the finest quality of tinting film” proven on tens of thousands vehicles – these are few more reasons why you should change or at least give a try to GLASSTINT window tinting film.