Window tinting: less services more artisanship

Car window tinting doesn’t just make your car look nice, it protects your car and keeps it looking that way.

If you’re thinking this is something you can just skip over, think again.

Tinting blocks up to 99% of UV rays from the sun, meaning your car stays cooler inside and protected from sun damage. It’s something you’ll definitely need if you have a nice car you want to keep in good condition.

Hence, when deciding which window film company is right for you, it’s essential to consider what’s most important - Specialization. Shops in USA generally do various tasks, meanwhile in Korea, GLASSTINT is specialized.

Are you concerned about excessive heat? Privacy? Changing the appearance of your vehicle? UV rays or glare? Security? Chances are there’s a GLASSTINT Automotive Window Film that’s perfect for you and your vehicle.

When you contact a GLASSTINT authorized dealer installer, they’ll be able to match your needs to a GLASSTINT automotive window film, professionally install it and stand behind it.

Whether you're concerned about excessive heat, increased privacy, UV protection, a faded interior, glare or security, we have a window tint to enhance the comfort and appearance of your vehicle.

GLASSTINT window tint company is one out of few window tint companies you can trust to handle your vehicle as our level of professionalism is unparalleled with the use of PicoEdge Technology when applying. 

Each state has its own car window tinting law that restricts how dark your tinting can be. There are even regions in the same state that have different tinting laws.

These laws make it easier for law enforcement to work safely with your car should there be an emergency situation. If your car is not tinted correctly, you could get a tick and have to remove the tinting.

Here at GLASSTINT, we help you make research before you go ahead to shop around for our different tinting options just so as to give you the best of services.