Shure X 50

Premium Ceramic Window Films

VLT 52% | IRR 95% | TSER 65%

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Roll size: 1.5m x 30m (60″ x 100ft)

IRR: 97.4% 

Style: Matte

Outside Color: Pure Black

Inside Color: Blue Charcoal 

Advanced Inorganic compounds designed to stay warm in winter and cool in summer. GLASSTINT Shure X Premium Ceramic Tint can reduce indoor summer temperatures up to 13ºC*. The film blocks the solar energy that would penetrate through the glass so it maintains a stable temperature inside the car. This also improves energy and fuel efficiency. GLASSTINT Shure X blocks solar energy and heat better than current films with up to 96.2% infrared ray rejection*.

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Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions 158 × 16 × 12 cm

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