Porsche Macan S Tinting at GLASSTINT

Handling on the Black Porsche Macan S feels flawless. For such a huge vehicle, you would assume it would be much less agile. However, this crossover SUV can easily and safely navigate any road terrain.

BMW X5 Tinting

First of all and perhaps the most common reason for window tinting is privacy. Tinted windows prevent (to a certain degree) people from outside of your BMW X5 car and other drivers from looking into your car.

Tinting Lamborghini Urus x3

LAMBORGHINI: GLASSTINT They have named theirs the Lamborghini Urus, after a type of extinct breed of cattle. It comes at no surprise that this vehicle is high tech. It has been fitted with three different screens, one of which can interpret your handwriting. These past weeks we’ve had many of these Lamborghini Urus SUVs pass […]

Tinting Benz GLC Windshield

From all car accessories that are available for purchase window tints may be the most common one. A significant number of Benz GLC owners decide to tint their car windows and it’s becoming increasingly popular in the recent years.

Aventador Tinting process

Whether applied to the windscreen, or even side and back, car window tinting film gives your car an attractive and quality look. Window tinting film promotes privacy while still allowing plenty of light and visibility.

Window Tinting Film Rode and Pender for BMW

The obvious benefit of window tinting is the privacy that tinted car windows provide. It shields outsiders from being able to see directly into the vehicle, therefore, it can help protect your precious belongings while you are not around.

Window Tinting for Rolls Royce Cullinan

For many, automobiles are an essential part of our daily lives and perhaps windshield protection film should be too. Have you ever considered how we fit screen film to our mobile phones to protect them?

Tesla Model X Challenge

Over the years, there have been controversies in the industry questioning if the windshield tinting of most Teslas can be done in a single piece.