Genesis G70 Window Tinting

Today we do a window tinting installation on Genesis G70. Genesis recently released G70, the ambitious new series of the Hyundai’s premium brand. Genesis G70 Unique design and functionality, the premium brand of Hyundai; these are phrase that define Genesis. Among G70, G70 3.3T is known for the best functionality. Because of service window tinting […]

Genesis EQ900 X Pender 35 Tinting Film

The Hyundai Genesis is one of those cars that blurs the line between luxury vehicles and mainstream transportation. South Korea’s Hyundai Motor Co launched recently a new global luxury car brand called Genesis.

Genesis G80: Craftsmanship by GLASSTINT

Genesis is one of our favorite vehicle brands to work on. The combination of this company’s stunning vehicular design and our window combines perfectly.

Genesis G90 with GLASSTINT

Today’s car is Genesis G90. It’s driver, a sales-driven man with extensive knowledge of cars, trusted us with the window tinting of his most prized possession.

Windshield tinting for Genesis

Today, the owner of a Genesis came to GLASSTINT to get his windshield tinted. Our customer knew the importance of the first film after getting a new car and didn’t receive any installations prior to coming to GLASSTINT.