KIA Optima Window Tinting

Kia Optima owner’s priority on window tinting was clear visibility at a reasonable price. Keep reading to see the result!

KIA Soul Booster EV Window Tinting

Usually Kia owners install free tinting with the car dealer. But these days people are looking for a better quality window tinting film.

KIA K7 Premier Window Tinting

The owner of this KIA K7 arrived at Glasstint. KIA offers free tinting. However, this client wanted premium window tinting, not low-quality free tinting.

Kia K5 with Pender

Only 50km from Seoul, our primary window tinting location, the Suwon location receives a great deal of business and has a great reputation- it’s one of our most successful Korean partners.

The GLASTINT difference in film installation

Our customer today asked for the inspection of his new car. He came to the inspection studio and checked everything with us. After the inspection, he left the car to tint its windows at GLASSTINT.

Carnival with GLASSTINT tinting film

KIA’s Carnival is well known as a family car. Now it is time to give it a chance to family cars. Today’s customer visited GLASSTINT to get installed a heat-blocking + fashionable tinting film.