Tinting Lamborghini Urus x3

LAMBORGHINI: GLASSTINT They have named theirs the Lamborghini Urus, after a type of extinct breed of cattle. It comes at no surprise that this vehicle is high tech. It has been fitted with three different screens, one of which can interpret your handwriting. These past weeks we’ve had many of these Lamborghini Urus SUVs pass […]

Aventador Tinting process

Whether applied to the windscreen, or even side and back, car window tinting film gives your car an attractive and quality look. Window tinting film promotes privacy while still allowing plenty of light and visibility.

Window Tinting Film Optic W vs. Shure X

Tinted windows are more than just functional. Even the most lavish vehicles benefit from the addition of window tinting. It takes already stunning vehicles to a whole new level of cool.

The Beast meets GLASSTINT

We approached the Lamborghini showroom in Korea and after showing them our advanced skills we’re proud to have become their exclusive tinter.

Lamborghini Window Tinting

Let’s face it, any Lamborghini qualifies as being cool. This qualifies as not only cool, but a genuine collectors item. On a car like this, you do not want to install anything that does not live up to the very high standards of the vehicle.