Lamborghini Window Tinting

Let’s face it, any Lamborghini qualifies as being cool. This qualifies as not only cool, but a genuine collectors item. On a car like this, you do not want to install anything that does not live up to the very high standards of the vehicle.

Huracan Performante With GLASTINT Shure X and Optic W

When we spend time in our car that has not been treated with a window tint, we are exposed to UV radiation. A lot of people are not aware of the harmful effects caused by UV radiation while they are in the car.

Tesla Model X Window Tinting GLASSTINT Shure X

Before Lamborghini had the Urus and Rolls Royce had the Cullinan, the most expensive SUV you could buy was the all-electric Tesla Model X. There’s something marvelous about how fast Tesla’s most powerful Model X is.

Mercedes-Benz C Class with GLASSTINT Shure X

Applying tinting film on cars is more than just mere aesthetics. Tint film also serves as safety by reducing glare while driving and reducing heat inside the car.