Shure X and Lincoln Continental

By simply tinting your car windows, you can keep out the sun’s intensity, and increase your car’s energy efficiency. Car window tinting decreases the penetration of damaging UV rays.

Shure X On Rolls Royce Phantom

For many, automobiles are an essential part of our daily lives and perhaps windshield protection film should be too. Have you ever considered how we fit screen film to our mobile phones to protect them?

Shure X 32 and X 12 On Lamborghini Aventador

Whether applied to the windscreen, or even side and back, car window tinting film gives your car an attractive and quality look. Window tinting film promotes privacy while still allowing plenty of light and visibility.

Shure X 32 and Pender 15 on BMW

The importance of window tinting film may be barely noticeable, however, tinting films help reduce the effects of all kinds of rough treatment such as break-ins, accidents, and even nature’s dangerous whims.

Shure X 32 and 12 on Jaguar F

The glare from the sun can be sometimes frustrating, particularly when the rays of the sun hits your car and have a severe impact of UV rays on your body.

Shure X – A Premium Ceramic Film

Window tinting film has made life easier and better, important functions like protecting you from skin surface cancer and ultra-violet rays.

Shure X 32 and X 12 Installed On Ford Mustang

This past week, we had the privilege of working on a ford mustang car that rolled down to our workshop. The owner of the car had been told about the quality of our window tinting film.

Add GLASSTINT to Your set of film brands

World is changing and car window tinting “world” is not an exception. As soon as following trends and innovations in technology and marketing become difficult for an entrepreneur.