BMW X5 Window Tinting

Give your BMW an extra touch of luxury with a window tint installation. Discover Glasstint’s wide selection of window tint options.

BMW 420i Windshield Window Tinting

In today’s article, we want to explain why windshield tinting is so important and as an example, we analyze the case of a BMW 420i tinting.

GLASSTINT ft. Cadillac Escalade

Today is another demonstration of how we install our premium heat-blocking films. Today’s installation protagonist is the Cadillac Escalade. In this photograph, we can see that the car is coming inside the studio.

The GLASTINT difference in film installation

Our customer today asked for the inspection of his new car. He came to the inspection studio and checked everything with us. After the inspection, he left the car to tint its windows at GLASSTINT.

Veracruz heat blocking tinting for the family

A heat blocking window tinting is crucial. It is recommendable to invest in a premium tinting film, rather than wasting time and money in cheap service films. 

Ironman’s R8 V10 windshield

This car had an ordinary tinting film. Our customer didn’t think much about the importance of the tinting, so he told us he wanted to decide if he should reinstall the rear glass film, once he changed the windshield.

Ferrari 458 Speciale with GLASSTINT

The Ferrari 458 Speciale arrived at GLASSTINT. The most advanced car needs the most advanced tinting film installation. As well as a Ferrari needs a GLASSTINT tinting film installation.

Premium tinting for Audi Q5 at GLASSTINT.

How GLASSTINT proceeds with a premium tinting film installation with an Audi Q5. Today’s protagonist is the Audi Q5. It’s a great SUV with no doubts. The best quality film will be used for the installation.