Privacy with tinting film Optic W 05

Do you want your car to look sleek and stylish? Perhaps, you want more privacy or a cooler cabin, especially now that it’s officially summer? tinting film Optic W 05 protects your car and provides high-class privacy no matter where you are.

Van Tinting for privacy and protection

A special client came to GLASSTINT. We thought it might be for business reasons, but he said he bought a second car for his beloved family and employees and lo and behold, the second car happens to be a van.

Winter is coming

Do you know that car tinting film first appeared way back in the 1960s. A polyester substrate tinting film is used for tinting windows.

Window Tinting Films Rode and Sunset

If you’ve been following our blog updates more intensely, you will discover BMW to be GLASSTINT’s familiar. Trust me, we’ve got you covered for your perfect automobile tinting film. Our aim is to make our customers happy, read here.

Window tinting film Pender vs. Shure X

Best window tint combination on your blue Audi A5 car makes for safe travel. The sun, when shining through the windows of your blue Audi A5 can prove to be a problem as it disrupts your vision.

Tinting Transport for privacy

The Hyundai Veloster starts with niche appeal, but its impressive handling and strong, high-value feature make it desirable by youngsters.

Audi TT Challenge With Rode and Pender Tinting Film

The Audi TT is a compact sports car available in both roadster and convertible configurations. It is small and maneuverable, delivering lots of driving fun through a combination of strong engines and good driving dynamics.

Kia K5 with Pender

Only 50km from Seoul, our primary window tinting location, the Suwon location receives a great deal of business and has a great reputation- it’s one of our most successful Korean partners.