This past week we had the pleasure of working with a businessman from out of town. This particular client wanted all of his windows tinted -the front and back windshields, and the sides.

He had heard of our services and wanted to give them a try. He made the trip to our location and so we were blessed with working on his vehicle. We did not work on his company vehicle. We got to improve the look of his personal vehicle, which we were honored to do.

We sat down for a consultation where we showed him his various windshield film options and went over the pros and cons of each, as well as car tinting film cost. He told us about his previous tinting experience, in which the company did not apply the film properly and it began to lift within just a few short weeks.

We told him that despite his current belief that the film he was given was complete garbage, it probably came down to a lack of skill of the person applying it.

What did we give the client?

In the end, he decided on using our GLASSTINT Shure X 12% VLT tinting film for his rear windshield and side windows and our GLASSTINT Shure X 32% VLT car tinting film for his front windshield.

We reassured him that these tinting films were a great choice, as they look crystal clear during the night and are non-metallic, being purely ceramic window film and thin enough to appear as though they are part of the glass. This also means that they do not interfere with safety and/or vision when the vehicle is in use, as they follow the guidelines and standards of the NFRC.

In addition, they have a high construction quality index and a faster tinting speed than most of their competitors, making them one of our go-to films for stylish vehicles.

We completed the job in the agreed upon time frame and presented our work to our client who was thrilled with the outcome. He especially loved the mild charcoal tinting that the film provided, saying it made his vehicle look stylish and modern.

The finished product?

As he drove away, his BMW X5's appeal was apparent. The delicately tinted windows gave the vehicle an edge while showcasing our team's handy `work.