Aventador Tinting process

Whether applied to the windscreen, or even side and back, car window tinting film gives your car an attractive and quality look. Window tinting film promotes privacy while still allowing plenty of light and visibility.


The scissor door system was first implemented to enhance safety when driving in reverse. To see properly, drivers had to lean out the door and look behind them.

These doors serve for the purpose of rear visibility. Applying tinting film on such doors requires expertise.

The scissor door system permits drivers to open the doors upward and look behind the car without fear of hitting anything while backing up.

Installing car window tinting film on Lamborghini side doors is not an easy job. Only a company with rich experience can do that. Here at GLASSTINT, we have developed expertise in the installation of tinting film on sophisticated cars.


With the knowledge of our trained experts, we made a decision on the type and cost of tinting film. Side front - GLASSTINT Shure X 32, side back and back window - GLASSTINT Optic W 5.

Truthfully, tinted automobile windows can have an enormously beneficial effect on the comfort of your vehicle interior, especially during hot and sunny weather. It can also offer protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, thereby, averting the sun's rays.

GLASSTINT Shure X ceramic film helps to reduce the warmth of the wind to the inside of the car by blocking the solar heat in the cold winter. Since most of the sunlight entering the car is blocked, the temperature inside the car is less likely to rise than before.

GLASSTINT Optic W helps to improve the fuel efficiency and work output of a car, and at the same time, keeping it warm without losing heat.

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