Bentley Continental GT Sputtered Metallic Window Tint

Today a Bentley Continental GT came to Glasstint for a sputtered metallic window tinting installation.

Bentley Continental GT

Continental GT is unmatched in its class. This Bentley GT is phenomenally powerful, beautifully designed, and exquisitely crafted.


Bentley is one of the top car brands in the world. It's a brand that gets you excited if you just hear the name. The Bentley Continental GT model alone attracts attention.


The owner of this Bentley chose Glasstint Sunset for tinting installation.

First, we protected the car with our masking process.


We are specialized on tinting. Glasstint is well-know in South Korea for having the most expert technicians and the highest quality film.


In order to achieve a perfect installation, we used our famous technique PicoEdge. GLASSTINT’s PicoEdge™ is a special tinting method that perfectly matches the film to the top of the car’s side glass. It is a high-grade method that gives a perfect finish making the car window look like an originally colored glass even though it is tinted and gives satisfaction to all who see the final result.


Sunset Tinting Film

Glastint Sunset is the only reflective film in the Glastint lineup. The combination of subtle reflection and green color makes it an attractive product.

We installed Sunset 30R on the windshield and Sunset 10R on the sides and back.


It is not usual to find a reflective film on Glasstint. We are experts in ceramic window tint films. However, we created Sunset for those who want that shining effect.


But Sunset is not like other metallic films. Other metallic films can have problems with electronic devices. However, Sunset has been created with sputtered technology. You can even install it even on the windshield without worries.

It is the most advanced reflective film of its kind. GLASSTINT Sunset allows a clear field of view that is not compromised since internal reflectance has been engineered to be the lowest to improve clarity.


Other reflective film are too colorful and you feel easily bored to see. But Sunset has a subtle and unique feeling. You will never get tired of it.


Sunset performance:

  • UVR 99 %
  • TSER 59 - 65%
  • IRR 77 to 85%
  • Outstanding functionality
  • Clear visibility compared to other reflective films

Usually, the internal reflection rate of a typical reflective film is more than 10%. For low-cost models, it's from 10 percent to 20 percent. Expensive reflective films show an interior reflection around 10 percent.

The internal reflection rate of Sunset is 13%. The installation price is reasonable for this rate. For a full car is less than 800$.


You can also experience Sunset. Take a look at our shop. Worldwide shipping is available.