Benz AMG Ceramic Window Tint

Today Benz E53 AMG visited Glasstint Studio for premium ceramic window tinting installation. Keep reading to see the results!

Benz E53 AMG

A model that combines AWD with Mercedes-Benz E-Class six-cylinder turbo engine and Mild Hybrid system to capture performance and efficiency.


If you look a little further, you'll see the S350 in the price range. But rather than just enjoying sports driving, I think the charm of AMG is that it is perfect for a daily car. This will be a big reason to choose this car.


The owner made up his mind with Glastint no matter what. As soon as he saw the ceramic film Shure X, he decided to install it in all the windows.


PicoEdge Technology

As always, we did our GLASSTINT’s PicoEdge™ technique. This is a special tinting method that perfectly matches the film to the top of the car’s side glass. It is a high-grade method that gives a perfect finish making the car window look like an originally colored glass even though it is tinted and gives satisfaction to all who see the final result.


Final Result

GLASSTINT Shure X blocks solar energy and heat better than current films with up to 96.2% infrared ray rejection. Also, GLASSTINT Optic W blocks solar energy up to 81.2% infrared ray rejection.


Shure X and Optic W are designed for when your car demands the highest specs in window tint. A sophisticated tinted film structure that is delicate enough to feel like part of the glass and is spectacular at sight.


Clear vision at night time even on the darker shades due to the highest grade of cyanide. These ceramic films are manufactured using ‘Super Clear Material,’ which has a top-grade high-density molecular structure and also boasts a semi-permanent lifespan with performance and composition that undergo little to no change over time. 


If you are curious about our ceramic films, take a look at our product page.