BMW 320d Window Tinting re-installation

The owner of BMW 320d decided to re-install window tinting because the heat protection performance wasn't good.

Tinting re-installation

When you are planning to re-install, it is a bigger concern than the first time. This is why you don't think about re-installation until you plan to change your car which is 3~5 years later.

But when you have love on the car or ride without any other plan for a long time, there comes time when the heat coming in through window feels uncomfortable.

The problem isn't about choosing from various brands and products. It starts from whether to re-install or not.

The owner of BMW 320d drove the car for 10 years and he planned to change it in a year or two. However, because stress from heat got too big that he decided to re-install tinting.

Ceramic tinting film Optic W

He looked for tinting in reasonable price and better heat rejection then now as he wouldn't use it for a long time. He decided to install Glasstint Optic W.

Along with the masking process to protect the car, we proceeded with the film removing process. It takes a long time for the film removing process, but it didn't take long as there was not much leftover.

The time difference of tinting re-installation is really high. It is because re-installation time depends on how much leftover is there after removing the film. It takes from few hours to a day.

We did a functionality check after windshield film removal. It has 45% VLT, 24% IR protection, and UV protection 90%. There was no color distortion, but the life of the film already ended according to the functionality.

Tinting film has life like any other manufactured goods. Lifetime depends on the environment you use, but TSER decreases as time goes.

People who know this tint cheap film often which may damage the heat ray on the rear window. So it is better to tint with better film and use it longer.

Tinting Film Selection

99% UV protection is a basic option in all our films. Also Optic W has 57% TSER, 81% IR protection which is much better than previous film.

Optic W's unique charcoal color isn't luxury color, but it is another feeling of charm.

As Optic W is non-metallic, it has pleasantness without jamming and clear visibility without moire effect.

The owner had the mindset that it needs to be joyful day even if it is the last day of your life. With this mindset, he invested without hesitation.
We hope for him to have nothing but joyful future.

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