BMW 520d Ceramic Window Tinting Price

This BMW 520d arrived at Glasstint studio. The owner wanted to install premium ceramic tinting film in his vehicle. After consultation, he chose Rode. This film is a great choice at reasonable price.

BMW 520d

BMW's true steady seller, and model with luxury of middle-class sedan and great functionality are BMW Series 5 520d

BMW Series 5 isn't the mania's car and it is popular car to many people. BMW is top 3 brand in Germany's car industry. Released in 1972 and since then, every time BMW Series 5 go through full change, they had trend leading design and good functionality that it has gathered all the great parts of midsize sedan.

Many people stuck to Shure as Shure was face product of Glasstint until recently. But the series Rode, Pender, and Sunset are gaining the interest also.

They all are high-quality ceramic tinting films.

The owner of 520d had Optic W in mind and after seeing other line-ups of Glasstint, he changed his mind to Rode.

Rode is great choice to experience Glasstint's premium tinting film in reasonable price.

Ceramic tinting film selection

Rode is non-metallic film without jamming and moire effect, and has 80~94% of heat rejection.

Window Tinting installation price

To install Shure X in all the windows of a sedan, it costs around $1600 and in case of Rode, it costs around $800. It is reasonable choice that it is the half price of Shure X and has great functionality also.

Glasstint Rode Ceramic Tinting film

From outside, soft color sense given by non-metallic film.
Rode has black color based and feeling of deep blue color sense softly depends on light. It has luxury and great visibility from inside.

Rode's deep blue color, which gives the best visibility to human eyes, has clear visibility with minimizing film's awkwardness.

We didn't left our optimal value and film's natural functionality while lowering the price to reasonable range.

Glasstint Rode is more convenient and easy to meet as it has more reasonable price with great film functionality.

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