BMW 528i Window Tinting

The owner of this BMW 528i visited us to remove old tinting and install brand new tinting film.

BMW 528i

It sounds weird if you say it has been long since i saw BMW Series 5.
It is because BMW Series 5 is very popular imported car.

This 528i has the sensitivity of analog, unlike recent sedans that have everything digitized. Sometimes I miss this feeling of analog.

528i is may be old model, but for the owner, 528i can be very valuable which may contain the memories.

We think 528i stocked into Glasstint today is this case. The owner of 528i visited Cheongdam Glasstint center to remove old tinting and install brand new tinting film.

If you want to protect your car for a long time, window tinting is a must.

To be with his car for a long time, he chose a combination of Rode and Pender.

With color and high heat rejection, Rode is similar to Shure, but Rode itself is the film with reasonable price and conditions.

Pender 15 is used in the side and rear windows. It has 70% IR protection.
Pender is our most affordable film but still is a high-quality tinting film.

Rode and Pender are all non-metallic film that it has clear visibility and no jamming. The way to meet Glasstint's premium at reasonable price, Rode and Pender.

We want more and more people to have a comfortable driving life with good tinting film.

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