BMW 620d GT Window Tinting Film Installation

Today a BMW 620d GT arrived at Glasstint. The owner wanted to install tinting film in his vehicle's windows.

BMW 620d GT

Receiving feedbacks from 5GT, BMW 6GT changed design to be more sharp and charming. Also, 6GT has interior that is near 7 Series.

As it has family car characteristic that comfortable interior is necessary, the owner care more about window tinting.

Tinting film choice

After comparing every detail of film quality and installing skills, and examination process he decided to install Glasstint Shure X.

The functionality of Shure and Shure X is similar. Both are non-metallic, non-reflective film with 94~5% heat rejection. But as you can see color sense is a bit different. Shure X excludes the original Shure's blueish color and includes clear visibility.

Shure's unique blue color provided more clear visibility, but some people disliked the color sense of it.

Shure X is transparent that it shows outside color without changing it. Shure X has clearness without the awkwardness of the film.

With the database of Glasstint, Shure is upgraded to Shure X and it became new flagship film of Glasstint.

Our effort and research for comfortable driving is still in progress.

If you want to see more Shure X film window tinting installations, you can visit our blog.