BMW M340i window tinting. Is it worth it?

In this post, we will show you the result of installing window tinting on a BMW M340i at our Glasstint Premium Master Shop located in Seoul, South Korea.

BMW M340i

BMW M340i is a model between 3 Series and M3. With the high performance of the M3 and the popularity of 3 Series. As a result, we got a sharper and transgressor BMW model.

The 6th generation of BMW 3 Series became smoother. This made enthusiasts feel a little disappointed. In order to bring back its unique appeal, the 7th Generation of 3 Series seems to have turned aggressive again, as it used to be.

The 3 Series has long been the iconic model of BMW and is so unique that many brands tried to copy its design for their lines. But it stills remains unbeaten.

Again, with the old sharp style, this BMW M340i is wearing Glasstint tinting film.

Window Tinting Process

The owner of the M340i chose Glasstint Shure X film, our most premium tinting film.

  • Windshield: Shure X 32
  • Sunroof: Shure X 32
  • Sides: Shure X 12
  • Rear Shure X12

However, is not enough to have a good tinting film. The tinting installation process must be executed by expert technicians.

There are many more people who just sell products without understanding enough about the tinting film technology or don't know how to correctly install them.

Tinting is not just selling high-performance films. It should also be about the technician's skills and knowledge about tinting technology.

Is window tinting worth it?

Yes, we honestly think it is. Solar heat protection and clear visibility are essential, especially if you enjoy sport driving.

Regardless of concentration, Shure X series has 95% thermal infrared protection. The sharpness of low internal reflections, which is the advantage of non-metallic films, provides a clear visibility.

Even if is not Glasstint film, there are many good quality brands for window tinting. But as we said before, the tinting installation must be done by an experienced tinting technician. We recommend ceramic films because of their superior quality.

A good quality window tinting film combined with a well-done installation will provide you a safer drive experience and the aesthetic exterior design is always a plus.

If you are thinking about tinting your BMW's windows, we highly recommend you choose a high-quality tinting film and a trustable tinting shop for the installation. It is the best investment you can do for a safer drive. A correctly installed good film can last up to 7 years and you will notice a huge difference in your driving experience.

Before tinting your car you must check the tinting laws in your country. In South Korea, you are free to tint all the windows in your car and there is no VLT limitation. But different countries have different tinting laws. Don't forget to check this first!

BMW M340i window tinting price

BMW M340i window tinting price may vary depending on the tinting film you choose or the installation center. Or if you want to tint all the windows or just the side windows.

A high quality ceramic window film for tinting your full car will be no less than $800. And is the installation is done by an expert technician, this can be up to $1600.

To give you an idea we will show you how much it cost this installation. Have in mind that for this installation we used Shure X, our most premium film, and it was installed in a Premium Master shop with the most experienced technicians.

  • Windshield $500
  • Sunroof $180
  • Sides and rear $900
  • TOTAL $1580

We hope this post helped you to make a decision about tinting your BMW. If you want to know more about our products and their specifications, you can check our products page.