BMW M340i Window Tinting

BMW M340i arrived today to our studio for window tinting. What is the best tinting film for BMW?

BMW M340i

The model connecting Series 3 and M3. With the high functionality of M3 and Series 3's generality image added.

Series 3 is one of the most famous line-up in BMW that many other brands are jealous about it as The demand of M3 is at least above average.
M performance model without the sharpness, M340i is in Glasstint.

Window tinting film for BMW

Especially if you like the sporty driving, heat rejection and clear visibility is necessary.

Shure X is non-reflection film which has low inside reflection resulted to clear visibility and has 95% IR protection in any concentration rate.

There are many good films other than Glasstint. However, how to use good film is another factor which decides the good and bad window tinting.

The trinity of high-quality film, installation skills, and know-how is what decides the window tinting.

For good tinting and to drive car long and happy, you need to choose good quality film and also tinting brand with good installer.

We appreciate M340i owner who trusted us for tinting and hope him to enjoy driving.

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