BMW X4M | Window Tinting film with clear visibility

The owner of this BMW X4M wanted to install window tinting film. His priority was maintaining a clear visibility.


SUV became trend of automobile market. Car brands making cars so called masterpiece or super car also start to launch SUVs.

Starting from S6, BMW made new genre of Coupe SUV.

BMW X4 with sharp line and X4M has high-end functionality which fits the word "M".

Everybody knows word "M" isn't for any car.

powerful functionality added to SUV/SAC.
low concentration tinting to enjoy sport driving.

Window tinting installation

The owner of BMW selected these films for the tinting installation.

Shure X is a high-functionality film, this isn't the end of tinting. The level of completeness varies by skill of installer.

For better tinting and higher the level of completeness, we add Glasstint's detail to installation.

As he gave us trust for our work, we pay back with our best effort for installing Shure X.

In choosing the product, objective spec is just resource to look at. What matter for your satisfaction is the subjective variables.

Most of domestic tinting is being installed like windshield 35% VLT and others 15% is official. However, sometimes people choose to tint with other concentrations for various reasons such as softness and clear visibility.

It was necessary to choose high concentration film for better heat rejection, but it isn't now.

Silhouette of X4M's interior is softly shown. You can experience gorgeous interior of X4M from outside.

This ensures the visibility from inside.

Shure X is a ceramic tinting film. It has 95% IR protection regardless of concentration which meets the premium-class tinting.

Keeping the sense of new car and upgrading the functionality at the same time.

Discover why so many customers choose Glasstint.