Porsche 911, GLASSTINT from front to back

Today, as always, came a marvelous car seeking a premium tinting. Porsche 911. A premium tinting from front to back, for a luxurious vehicle. Let's take a look at what kind of films were installed.

Our customer wanted to have installed the best quality of films. Shure is the best option on this occasion. For the windshield, we stressed on good visibility using a less concentrated film.

Installation history

Windshield: Shure 60%
Rear and side glasses: Sure 20 %

This car is good in both performance and design. So, we added a little more 'good' tinting all the windows.

As you can see, Shure film has clear visibility. Its fabric is made of super clear fabric. However, this is not the only advantage that Shure has. The high heat (infrared) cut-off rate of 95% allows the film to be the number one 'nonmetallic' film sold in Korea. Shure is, by far, the best tinting for the windshield.

The films installed on the side windows are also Shure. The density is 20%. We can see that it's darker than the 60% density used in the windshield.

Although is darker in density, its visibility is outstanding. Even in dark environments, the vision is clear. Check with your own eyes before an installation.

**GLASSTINT provides a detailed consultation session and a visibility test to be able to find the perfect film for each customer.

Shure film has a blue tone color. The windshield 60% is a sky blue, and the sides and rear 20% are a dark blue tone. The Shure film for sure upgraded the charming body of the 911. As the film has a great effect on the exterior of the car, the color must be chosen thoughtfully before the installation.

After the installation of the film, we put this metallic sticker on the glass. This is the customer's pride, and ours as well.

We finished the tinting for all the windows. We could improve the driving efficiency, and also, the exterior. Here at GLASSTINT, we have various categories and combinations. Each vehicle needs a unique combination!