Front windshield tint

Every car owner fancies their cars to be aesthetically as pleasing as possible. There are numerous options available to achieve this but window tinting is the most desirable, mainly because it is budget-friendly as it only demands a frugal sum of money. Sounds good, right?

For this reason, window tinting with GLASSTINT in Korea is one of the best options for car owners to consider.

Before considering tinting your car, there are prescribed levels of window tinting implemented by law varying from each state. Mainly due to security reasons as most transgressions include a tinted car to avoid being seen.

Windshield Tint in Korea

Tint levels are represented as a percentage of visible light passing through the window, but the technical term associated with this is called the visible light transmission levels (VLT).

One thing to note is “the lower the VLT rating, the darker the shade of the window can be”.

The general rule of thumb dictates that the driver and passenger front windows be tinted lighter while the rear passenger side and rear windows can be tinted darker.

There are two reasons behind this, firstly, the driver must receive enough visible light to be able to drive safely at night.

Also, to avoid opaque vision on the side mirrors which will make it hard for drivers to maneuver properly.

Since the windshield is a critical part of a car, all our window tint film are designed to give you a perfect vision.

For example, GLASSTINT Shure X is a premium ceramic film that has a better tinting speed and construction quality index than other ordinary films. It has the highest grade of cyanide and looks clearer at nighttime. It improves vision on your windshield.

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