Hyundai with Rode

Here at GLASSTINT, we have the opportunity to apply tinting film to a variety of vehicles. To date we’ve worked on everything from mainstream brands to iconic brands like Ferrari and Audi.

With such a diverse client base, we’ve honed our window tinting skills, taking them to the next level in the quest to offer our clients consistent high-quality products and excellent customer service.

Hyundai: A GLASSTINT Familiar

One of the brands we see the most often is Hyundai. Why? As far as we’re concerned, Hyundai is a smart choice. Not only are the brand’s vehicles stylish and spacious, but they’re also relatively affordable.

As a result, this means that the owners of these great vehicles can afford to have a privacy window film installed, courtesy of our global shops and partners.

So, what tinting film do we use on Hyundai vehicles?

In our professional opinion, we find that all of our premium films are suitable for use. However, our GLASSTINT Rode tinting films never fail to impress.

In fact, just the other day we worked on a Hyundai Santa Fe and made use of two of our best Rode films: 35 and 15.


GLASSTINT Rode 35 has an amazing ability to minimize the effects of the dreaded interior mirror phenomena and is made of nano-ceramic materials. These materials are non-altering and have a heat-shielding effect that effectively reduces the temperature of a vehicle’s interior.

The VLT of Rode 35 is 38%, while its cousin, VLR (visible light reflected) is 5.4%. Furthermore, this film also has complimentary stats that include a TSER (total solar energy rejection) of 52%, a solar heat absorption of 67.4%, and a solar heat reflectance of 5.2%.


With internal temperature reduction capabilities that work well with GLASSTINT Rode 35 and a striking deep blue hue, Rode 15 is one of our most popular Rode car window tinting films. Rode 15 also boasts a 60% TSER and does not cause any unfortunate interference.

In addition, its solar heat stats are rather remarkable, coming in at 15.5% transmitted and 80% absorbed, and its 14% VLT and 4.7% VLR are both incredibly promising.

Want To Get In On The Action? Join The Team

Many clients who view our work or have their vehicles serviced by our team are curious about how they can get involved.

There are a few awesome ways that you can get in on everything that goes on within the company. For instance, For a hands-on role in the company, you can participate in a training course. Subsequently, upon completion, you'll leave with an official license.

You can also become a car tinting film supplier, supplying loyal customers with great products. Or, you could make a car tinting film purchase of GLASSTINT Pender, GLASSTINTINT Shure X, and GLASSTINT Rode to use on vehicles that visit your personal shop.

To get your GLASSTINT journey started, feel free to give us a call, visit us on social media, or come into one of our shops for more information.

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