Shure X and Porsche Cayenne

Handling on the Porsche Cayenne feels flawless. For such a huge vehicle, you would assume it would be much less agile. However, this crossover SUV can easily and safely navigate any road terrain.

Have you taken your car window tinting? Your car window tinting film plays a bigger role than just being a visual aid and relief from the heat.

Porsche Cayenne: GLASSTINT

Having multiple engine choices really makes the Cayenne an attractive purchase. You sure get more aesthetic appeal when you apply window tinting on the Porsche Cayenne. Inside and out, this SUV is made of only the highest-quality materials available. The steel used for the body is strong, and the interior materials look as though they will hold up well for years to come.

Our Client's Need

Just at the start of the new week, we had the privilege of working with our old-time client. He had just gotten a new car and came to our workshop for window tinting installation. He had as well informed his friends about our good works here at GLASSTINT. Our client needed to improve the aesthetic view of his new Porsche Cayenne. He had once applied Pender tinting film on his first car and gave us a good review. Upon our consultation, he desired to install GLASSTINT Shure X 32 for windshield and GLASSTINT Shure X 12 for side and back.

Windshield: Shure X 32

The windshield provides a significant amount of strength to the structural support in the cabin of the vehicle. For instance, in a front end collision, the windshield provides the structural integrity of the cabin of the vehicle. Shure X 32 uses less shade for a higher result in upholstery protection and heats an absorption so it allows less heat in. Of all tinting film, it is the latest addition to the new inorganic thermal infrared barrier material that is superior in solar barrier and insulation.  Being a perfect non-metallic film, it is a good match for the windshield.

Side and Back: Shure X 12

The side and back window is an integral part of the safety restraint system in your car. It’s important to your family’s safety that the side and back windows in your vehicle be installed properly. Applying window tinting helps to improve the overall efficiency of your vehicle. GLASSTINT Shure X 12 has a distinct feature that does not allow the tinting film to cause any interference to a vehicle. It is a ceramic film that helps to reduce the warmth of the wind to the inside of the car by blocking the solar heat in the cold winter.

Why You Should Favor GLASSTINT?

While it seems that tinting your car windows might only be cosmetically appealing, it actually merits other benefits worth considering. Tinting your car window comes with many benefits that are conducive to your health, safety, and the appearance of your car. More so, it also has functional and cost-effective benefits too.

Driving can expose a great deal of sunlight leaving you vulnerable to the harmful effects of UV rays. While it is only a small part of sunlight, long exposures of UV rays can have harmful effects on your health. Regular windows allow for 100% of the sun to penetrate into the car.

Our ceramic tinting films help in preventing 99% of UV rays from entering the car and damaging your skin and interior of the car.

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