Shure X 32 and Pender 15 on BMW

The importance of window tinting film may be barely noticeable, however, tinting films help reduce the effects of all kinds of rough treatment such as break-ins, accidents, and even nature’s dangerous whims.

GLASSTINT professional window tinting film is designed to strengthen and help protect vulnerable unforeseen ugly incidents and yet gives you confidence in safety. Whether your window tinting needs are for supply or installation, we are here to meet your needs. More about our installation.

Recently, we demonstrated our wealth of experience on a BMW by installing our quality tinting films. It was a new client who bumped into our Instagram page. He was curious about the quality of our tinting films. He rolled down to our workshop to get our car window tinting film installed on his BMW i8.

After the consultation, we concluded on using a combination of two tinting films. We used GLASSTINT Shure X 32 on windshield and GLASSTINT Pender 15 on the side and back.

We’ve engineered a range of films for strength, with a heavy-duty polyester that’s bonded to surfaces using strong adhesives.

What are the specs of the combination of GLASSTINT Shure X and Pender?

GLASSTINT Shure X is a ceramic window tinting film that helps to reduce the internal temperatures of a vehicle with Solar Heat Absorption of 74%, IR rejection of 95% - all this upon visible light transmittance of 32%.

It helps to improve the fuel efficiency and work output of a car, and at the same time, keeping it warm without losing heat. It is composed of Ultraviolet A, B blocking 99%, solar thermal infrared blocking up to 95% and uses non-metallic materials without radio interference.

GLASSTINT Pender 15 has a total solar energy rejection of 55%, which is absolutely great for a basic film (since GLASSTINT Pender film is the most affordable among our line-up). It has a gray fight color which is a combination of dark brown and charcoal color that gives the tinting film a profound feeling after construction.

It has a distinct no probability high pass profile with visible light transmittance (VLT) ranging between 5% - 52%.


After thorough re-checking to ensure a well-fixed installation, We presented the car to our client. He was quite happy that he chose GLASSTINT above other window tinting film companies.


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