Hyundai Grandeur IG Hybrid Window Tinting Film installation

This Hyundai is a Sedan with perfect performance and design. The customer chose ceramic window tinting film for his father's car.

Sedan Window Tinting

Many people ask about tinting installation on the father's car. It is a great gift to the father who bought the new car which gives great memory to him.

It is for parents that they look for more details. The customer had several experiences with us, but he wanted us to do a much more detailed installation as it is for his father. Although time has passed after buying, it still has a sense of a new car.

Not much domestic cars come to Glasstint because of cheap service tinting from car dealers. But more and more people look for tinting other than service tinting. This is because people are realizing that tinting is a critical part of driving.

From the cost-effectiveness side, service tinting is really good tinting as there is no additional cost for tinting.

But tinting film's functionality and installation quality are set to the price. Service tinting film only has privacy protection, color, and low heat rejection. Also, as there are too many cars to install, there can't be a detailed installation.

Those are reasons to choose Glasstint rather than service tinting.

Tinting film selection

Shure X has 99% UV protection and 94~5% IR protection. It is non-metallic film with outstanding performance.

As the previous tinting film was a reflection film that reached its limit, it had bad performance and visuality.

Low reflection rate's Shure X has clear visibility from inside with soft and gorgeous color.

After seeing the result of careful choice for family, result was satisfying.

We hope the customer to have joyful driving with great car and tinting.

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