Hyundai Sonata Sensuous | Window Tinting Film Installation

Hyundai Sonata Sensuous came into Glasstint. Instead of the free tinting service that the dealer provides, the owner wanted a high-quality tinting film.

Hyundai Sonata Sensuous

From the first release of 1985, Sonata was the standard of Korean sedan. Many changes are made throughout the time, but it is a beloved model in the Korean sedan car market. It doesn't lead the trend, but it applies the trend of the time very well.

1.6 Turbo inserted Sonata Sensuous, may be it used the name sensuous, not Turbo because it wants the image of a comfortable sedan with a sporty charming point.

After the revolutionary change in Sonata DN8, Sensuous has more aggressive points. Sonata Sensuous with charming white came into Glasstint.

Most of the sedan cars tint with free tinting that dealers provide or in tinting brand that is connected to dealers.

Not only considering the cost-effectiveness and convenience but also considering the tinting film that fits the car and myself is becoming more popular between domestic car owners.

Premium Ceramic tinting film

This was his second experience in Glasstint. The owner of Sonata chose Glasstint Shure X.

Cut-off process repeats 3~4 times as there is no pre-made outline.

Because we try to become trend-leading brand, not trend following brand, we research for film and installation skills.

Tinting Film Selection

Considering heat rejection and visibility for safety, he decided to install Shure X.

Shure X has comfort without jamming and moire effect and 95% IR protection.

Although it has a respectfully high price, it is the reason why many owners chose Shure X. Visibility is super clear and high IR protection.

As window tinting last long, Choosing the tinting need many consideration.

Tinting that fits me is different. Glasstint will help you find tinting just for you.