Mercedes Benz GLK with GLASSTINT

The Mercedes GLK is entering to receive a full tinting installation. The installation history of this driving-efficient film for this gorgeous GLK is as follows.

Windshield: Shure 40%
Rear and side glasses: Shure 10%
Headlights: Aero light shield Clear

Before any installation, we go through a masking process to prevent any scratches on the car. This meticulous masking process increases quality and satisfaction.

The inside of the car is also protected.

Finally, we finished all the masking. The installation process will begin.

How about a cup of coffee while watching the installation process in our own cafe?

Shure 40% is the film that our customer chose for the windshield.

Shure's surprising visibility.

After finishing the windshield tinting, we start with the side glasses.

The side glasses are Shure 10%.

The rear glass is a Shure 10% as well as de sides.

All the tinting is finished.

But there's something left, and that is the GLASSTINT Aero Light Shield for the headlights.

A 2mm thick ultra-strong urethane vinyl is attached to the headlight to protect the headlight surface from stone chips and other damages. Furthermore, it has 3 colors, Clear, Mist, and Midnight, that help the car's exterior's good looking as well.