Ironman’s R8 V10 windshield

This car had an ordinary tinting film. Our customer didn't think much about the importance of the tinting, so he told us he wanted to decide if he should reinstall the rear glass film, once he changed the windshield.

When not having a lot of experience in tinting, it may feel a little more comfortable making a decision after considering how it feels by parts.

This vinyl that is wrapping the Audi R8 is our masking vinyl. This secret vinyl is the reason why our customers chose GLASSTINT.

We believe that the reinstallation of the windshield tinting will provide outstanding visibility. As that is the merit of the Shure film.

The Audi R8 V10 coupe is reborn with the adhesion of GLASSTINT's logo.We didn't install the tinting film in the engine room.

The difference on the windshield will be easy to tell now.