Kia K5 with Pender

Only 50km from Seoul, our primary window tinting location, the Suwon location receives a great deal of business and has a great reputation- it’s one of our most successful Korean partners.

The shop specializes in both film sales and expert installations, making it a versatile tinting film supplier that we’re happy to have on board.

Over the weekend, the Suwon team worked on improving the appearance of a second-hand Kia K5.

On its own, the vehicle was far from shabby but as highly-trained professionals with an eye for fine detail and plenty of technical training, the team saw room for a stylistic upgrade.

Which Tinting Film Would Be Installed?

Pender 35:  Front Windshield

With a VLT of 40% and a complimentary VLR (visible light reflected) of 5.4%, this particular film is our choice for vehicles whose drivers hail from sunny, summer-heavy climates.

The stylish graphite-colored film boasts an impressive set of solar heat specs, with the numbers for solar heat transmitted, reflected, and absorbed coming in at a respectable 37.1%, 5.2%, and 57.7%. These great specs mean that the inside of the vehicle stays up to 13 degrees cooler than vehicles without- without the need for AC!

The total solar energy rejected (TSER) stands at 46%.

Pender 15: Rear Windshield and Side Windows

Pender 15 pairs perfectly with Pender 35. It offers less of a tint but still boasts some impressive specs within its 1.5Mil/2ply thickness.

For example, this window film has a VLT of 15% and a VLR of 5.2%. Its TSER sits at an admirable 55% while its solar heat specs come in at 20% transmitted, 4.9% reflected, and 75% absorbed.

Pender is our most basic, but highly reliable glass window film. We’ve been using this film for years, and our customers love this unique ceramic window film almost as much as we do.