KIA Optima Window Tinting

Kia Optima owner's priority on window tinting was clear visibility at a reasonable price. Keep reading to see the result!

Kia Optima

Kia Optima was the new wind of domestic middle-class car. It has been long since Optima first released. As a result, we can see the first-generation car often. Certainly, it has a charming design that has no old feeling.

The modern Kia badge is a symbol of trust, reliability, safety and innovation. In other words, Kia Optima is renowned for its value and focus on technology.

Although most people concentrate on design, Kia Optima has everything upgraded since the first generation.

The owner's priority on tinting was clear visibility at a reasonable price.

Ceramic tinting film Pender

With a reasonable price range, he wanted good decent functionality and clear visibility under any environment. After looking over many tinting film samples, he chose Glasstint Pender.

Entry-level film doesn't mean low quality. That is to say, all our tinting films are made with high-quality materials.

A way to experience Glasstint premium tinting films at a reasonable price: Pender.
Pender has great functionality, not entry-level functionality.

Pender has 55% near IR protection, 83% middle IR protection, and 46% TSER.

Pender has outstanding clearness with a 6% inside reflection rate at a reasonable price. You can read more about Pender in this post.

Reasonable price doesn't mean price-effective functionality.

We developed Glasstint Pender so more people can enjoy premium tinting. You can see more Pender installations here.