Mercedes Benz E300 | Ceramic Window Tinting Film installation

Mercedes Benz E300 arrived at our studio for window tinting film installation. The owner chose a ceramic tinting film.

The relationship with the owner of E300 began with headlight PPF. He came to Glasstint for three installations of Volkswagen Scirocco and one installation of 3 Series. The owner gave us constant trust regardless of his car.

The owner also chose Glasstint for tinting the newly released car for his father, E300. He trust us because there is something more than just good film and installation. We have details to care about every part of the car which the owner told us that it is the best tinting in his life.

Clear visibility tinting film

He always preferred low concentration that his father's car will install Shure x 50 on windshield and sunroof, and Shure X 32 on the side and rear windows.

Mercedes Benz tinting proceeds with detailed masking. Especially, E-class needs an additional masking process at the trunk side.

There is a case when putting the film on the rear window from inside, water flows through wiring and interior material into the trunk. If a short circuit occurs, the smart key may not work. To prevent this accident, it is really critical to prevent water inflow.

Installation that fits the characteristics of each car. We have details of 100% hand cut-off considering the small differences. These details we always provide are may be the reason for constant trust.

VTL Choice

Because he wanted very clear vision, he chose high VTL.

It has a tricky feeling of whether it is tinted or not. But functionality is certainly upgrade.

Shure X has 94~5% IR protection regardless of concentration.
It is the best choice for owners who want low concentration.

Visibility ensured as it is low concentration. Shure X has unique clearness of non-metallic film and pleasantness of no jamming and moire effect.

Charm of E-class's interior shown from outside. You can experience the interior freely from outside.

New car release day is always fluttering. It is one of our job's upside that we can feel it together. We thank for the constant trust and hope for him to enjoy his car life. Discover why so many customers choose us.