Mercedes Benz E300 Window Tinting

Mercedes Benz E300 owner wanted visibility rather than privacy, soft color and heat and IR protection for window tinting.

What tinting film should I install?

This time the customer didn't know anything about window tinting. So she call us for a consultation. "What tinting film should I install on my Mercedes Benz E300?"

Buying products from unknown area. There are so many products from hundreds of companies that is is hard to find the perfect fit.

One and a half hours on the phone, even two consultations. Of course it was consultation with the owner who didn't know anything about cars or window tinting.

She was age around 50s. She tinted low-price film for the last car and it was really uncomfortable for her. For his Mercedes E300, she didn't want to make the same mistakes. So after gathering basic information, she requested consultation.

For case like this, we try to explain without any complicated word.

Expert information which is basic to us, can be very complicated issue for others. In this cases, not many people continue to actual installation.

Most of them worry about high price first, but when we suggest reasonable product, they hesitate as their eye-level is already higher.

We think it is really important to not say Glasstint is always the answer. We try to inform customers as objective as we can with public information of each brands.

We leave choice to owner with giving as much information as we can.

There was case when we sent customer back who came with other brand's tinting as it was in usable condition.

After two long consultation with customer and additional tuning of dealer, E300 stocked in Glasstint.

Due to certification problem, it was glad to meet newly released E300. And we really appreciate the owner's trust who doesn't know much about tinting.

Tinting film selection

After checking her preference and price range, we recommended a combination of Shure X and Optic W. Both are our most premium ceramic tinting films. They are only available in our Master Shops.

She wanted visibility rather than privacy, soft color rather than uniqueness, and heat and IR protection. She chose Glasstint as we explained very easy to understand.

She decided to install in Glasstint as she liked our explanation. However we wanted her to like Shure X and OPtic W's functionality, and know-how of installation.

She thanked us a lot when we are the ones who really need to thank her.

We are sellers who need to sell our products. However, we want to be a good seller who gives satisfaction with our product and technique.