Mercedes Benz E400 Cabriolet Windshield Window Tinting Price

In this post, we want to talk about windshield window tinting. As an example, we will show you how we did a Mercedes Benz E400 Cabriolet windshield window tinting at our studio and its price.

Windshield tinting, the last step?

When people decide that they want to do window tinting on their vehicles but they are not sure if the vision will be clear enough, they usually start tinting the rear and the side windows first. After a while, when they see for themselves how convenient it is having windows tinting and that the visibility is not compromised by the film, they decide to take the last step and install window tinting on the windshield too.

And to be honest, we think is a good approach to window tinting for those who are not sure about it.

If you want to tint your car but you're not sure about the visibility of the film, we recommend you to start with the rear or the side windows. This was the case of this client.

It is not the first time this client comes to our studio. He previously visited us to tint his car rear and side windows with Shure. This time he came again to get windshield window tinting.

Even though we had the improved version of Shure available, Shure X, the client decided to install Shure again. After a year using Shure in the rest of the windows, he knows he can rely on its high performance.

For the windshield tinting, the client chose Shure 40. Even though some people may think this is too dark VLT for a windshield, the visibility is clear. This is thanks to the high-quality materials of the film. This is one of the reasons why we think it is worth it to invest in a premium tinting film.

Advice for windshield tinting

  • Even if it's not Glasstint films, consider investing in a good brand of tinting films. If you install a low-quality film, your visibility will be compromised and driving at night can be dangerous.
  • Use a non-metallic tinting film. You can use a ceramic film like our films. Many brands have ceramics films in their catalog. Why? Because if you use a metallic film, you may have interference problems with electronic devices like your phone or GPS.
  • Installation must be done by an expert technician. Windshield tinting is the most important and the most difficult installation. If it is not well done, the result can be catastrophic.
  • Install a less concentrated film on the windshield than the rest of the windows. In this case, the client chose 40% on the windshield and 20% on the rest.
  • Don't install less than 10% on the windshield. Even if you live in a sunny country. Less than 10% may difficult your vision at night.

Final result

Tinting your windshield translates into safer driving. And not only that. You also protect the interior of your vehicle and your skin from the harmful sun rays.

From outside your car looks more stylish and from inside the visibility is totally clear, as you can see in the last picture.

Windshield tinting pricing

Now let's talk about price. How much does it cost to tint your windshield?

It all depends on which film you chose and where are you installing it. As we said before, we recommend a high quality ceramic tinting film like Glasstint o similar brands. And for the installation, it has to be done by a professional always.

If you have a low budget for installing tinting film in your car, use the most expensive film in the windshield. Why? Because is the most important window for safe driving. Quality here is fundamental. Low-quality ones can create a distortion effect that will make you feel dizzy.

A high-performance tinting film plus a professional window tinting installation price for a windshield can be found from $380 to $560.

How much was in this case?

Windshield tinting with Premium Ceramic Shure 20 + Installation $420.

We hope this article has helped to solve your doubts about windshield staining. If you are thinking of tinting your windshield, do not hesitate to contact a professional and choose a quality film.

You can read more about the characteristics of a good film on our Shure X product page.