Mercedes Benz S560 Window Tinting

Today a Mercedes Benz arrived at Glasstint. Mercedes dealer offered free tinting, but the owner wanted a better window tinting film.

Dealer free tinting or another tinting brand?

The first problem you face for tinting is whether you are going to install the dealer service tinting or choose another tinting brand.

If you choose the second option, you must have looked for lots of brands and the standard for choice varies.

How is the quality of the film, what is the level of installation skill, is aftercare service exists...
Reasons to choose Glasstint along many conditions.

First, the high-quality film. From windshield to sunroof, everything is installed with Shure X. Shure X has 95% IR protection regardless of the concentration rate. Shure X is thinner compared to other films that it has clear visibility.

This is the reason for customers who only care about the quality of the film to choose Shure X.

Second is the installation skill. We have the know-how of a tinting specialized brand. We try to give the best satisfaction to customers with our detailed installation.

Tinting film selection

The glowing gorgeousness seeped into the laminated glass of S560.

Shure X makes the perfection of Mercedes Benz's flagship sedan S560 more perfect.

Although tinting film started from construction purpose, film for car and construction should have different purpose and characteristics.

Simple heat rejection isn't the only thing to consider for tinting film. Also, there are more conditions to consider such as visibility, suitability with several electronic devices, and etc. This is why you need to consider in various ways.

Glasstint is tinting specialized brand. And our priority is the driver for tinting. There must be a reason why many people choose Glasstint.