Mercedes Benz S63 AMG Coupe Window Tinting Re-installation

This customer requested window tinting re-installation in Mercedes Benz S63 AMG Coupe, the only car he didn't tint with us.

Why you should choose a good film from the beginning.

As he drove less with this car, he tinted with another brand's tinting film. The price was cheap and the quality was low too.

But along with heat, nighttime visibility was really bad so that he decided to re-install. However, because of the risk of heat ray damage, he excluded the rear window. Tinting installation with Shure X proceeds on side windows

It is hard to worry about tinting when you are exhausted with worries about the car. This is why many people plan to install cheap products first and then change it afterward.

However, tinting re-installation can possibly damage heat rays which is the scarier than additional cost and time.

We look for various solutions and try to solve it, but there is no 100% safe way to prevent damage on heat rays. It is choice whether to take a risk of possible damage on heat ray or not.

It is the reason why you should choose a good film from the beginning.

High-quality ceramic tinting film Shure X

He always sticks to Shure X. So this time too, he chose Glasstint Shure X 12.

Any film has good visibility during the daytime that what matters is nighttime visibility. In an environment where the inside of the car is brighter than outside, inside light's reflection, visibility decreases.
Shure X's visibility shines under this situation.

Ceramic film Shure X has 6% inside reflection which provides clear visibility under any environment.

It also has high-end functionality of 95% IR protection and 65% TSER.

Ceramic film's softly color sense unites film and car more perfectly and there is no jamming that no error occurs on RF high-pass, parking card or GPS.

Customers' needs vary depends on their priority and purposes. For this reason, Glasstint prepared various line-ups for every situation.
Line-up with many characteristics, but always good quality of installation.
You can't feel the specialty of Glasstint until you experience it.