Mercedes E-class with GLASSTINT

The brand new car that came to GLASSTINT today is a Mercedez Benz E300 4MATIC. The reason why the majority of Mercedes Benz automobile owners come to GLASSTINT is because of the "Premium Service".

The functionality of the tinting film is important, but the functionality of all brands of expensive films has been leveled upward.

More advanced technologies can deliver "premium" or "low-quality" films, depending on how and who builds the top 1% of films that meet the needs of customers with different levels of heat blocking and various qualities of the film.

Let's take a look at the E300 4MATIC owner's choice:
Windshield and sunroof: Shure
Heat blocking rate: 95%
Internal reflectance : 5%
Component: Non metallic
Electromagnetic interference: None

The front and back sides should be combined to provide a more luxurious look.

Please consult with a professional counselor to determine the concentration as it slightly changes depending on the angle of the glass. The concentration should be determined after directly experiencing a sampling test.

Windshield 50%, rear and side glasses 15%

The glass on the rear side has been installed with Optic film. It is a popular film, with a price a little lower than Shure. The dark color of this E-Class is well suited to charcoal gray-toned Optic film.

In fact, depending on the concentration of the front, the density of the backside may vary.

This is a comparison shot of the glasses' visibility from the inside.