Metallic Window Tinting for Hyundai with Sunset R film

Today at our studio we did a metallic film tinting installation on a Hyundai Tucson. We used Sunset R, our advanced metallic film.

We know that metallic tinting films have some inconveniences. But some clients love the reflection effect that only a metallic film can provide. That's why we worked hard to develop Sunset. Our premium metallic film with sputtered technology to avoid metallic films' weak points.

Hyundai Tucson

Tucson is all round SUV which can cover two people family to children with early age.

The all round SUV, Tucson, stocked into Glasstint.

It is the model that had constant demand since 2003 at the time of IMF, to revitalize domestic demands and to aim for USA's small SUV market. To get tinting he wants, he chose Glasstint.

Reflection metallic films are famous these days because of privacy protection and stylish color with functionality.

However, as a metallic reflection film, it cannot be free from jamming and moire effect. To minimize the cons and maximize functionality and style, he chose Glasstint Sunset.

Metallic film Sunset R

The customer started to look for window tinting after signing the car contract. Along with the recommendation, there are reasons why he chose Glasstint.

Sunset R is an advanced metallic film. Sunset R is a luxurious reflective film with no interference due to its sputtering technology. But still has the amazing mirror effects that will leave no one indifferent. It is the most advanced reflective film of its kind.

Tinting film selection

Sunset is the first and only reflection film of Glasstint and it can also be installed on the windshield.

Soft reflection which isn't too much. Harmony of gold color added to green. Sunset has soft and unique color sense which makes people comfortable, no luxury color sense of reflection getting tired soon.

Sunset has 59~65% TSER, 77~85% IR protection, and clear visibility compared to other reflection films.

Most of the metallic reflection film's inside reflection rate is higher than 10%.

In case of low-price film, it has late 10% to early 20% and in case of high-price film, it has early 10% reflection rate.

Sunset's inside reflection rate is 13% which is premium-class functionality with reasonable price.

First shown Glasstint's reflection film, Sunset, can be installed on any car window and you can experience it in easily.

* As it is metallic film, according to usage environment, little jamming and moire effect can occur.