Mini Cooper S 5 Doors Window Tinting

Mini Cooper S owner came to Glasstint for window tinting installation. He chose a high-quality ceramic tinting film.

Mini Cooper S

Fun of driving from a tiny car body. It is the charm of Mini, but a small car body of 3 doors is one weakness. Feeling Mini's charm and filling mini's weakness at the same time, Mini Cooper S 5 Doors stocked in Glasstint.

Various models are being released over the years, but Mini Cooper keeps the outline of Mini and its unique design constantly.

Window tinting process

Mini Cooper S 5 Door tinting will proceed with Shure X.

His priority was his satisfaction, not other's view or effectiveness.
Why people choose tinting films only depend on their opinion? It is for their satisfaction.

Result you get after many trials is more trusting than any other data. Especially if it is from your own experience, it is the best way finding tinting that fits you.

This isn't owner's first car and tinting. A choice he made based on his dissatisfaction from previous experience may cause another dissatisfaction or turn to satisfaction.

VTL Selection

He decided to install Shure X because of outstanding heat rejection and clear visibility for safety.

Ceramic film Shure X has 95% IR protection and pleasantness from no jamming and moire effect.

Many owners choose it based on those reasons regardless of price.

Solve your worries about tinting in Glasstint.