Porche 718 Boxster GTS Ceramic Window Tinting film installation

Today the did a window tinting film installation with a ceramic tinting film. High-quality heat rejection and clear visibility are possible with Shure X.

Porsche 718 Boxter GTS

Porche 718 Boxster GTS has the best functionality in Boxster and has turbo charger installed.

Turbo charger, ISG system, and Porche's pride, PDK make relatively economical as Porche that it can be used as daily car also. With custom mode on, you can feel totally different charm of pushing the car to the limit.

Unlike any Porche, Porche 718 Boxster has characteristics of daily car. However, along with driving in normal life, it gives joy of extreme driving to escape the normal life.

Charm of sensing sport driving everyday, Porche 718 Boxster GTS stocked in Glasstint.

Window Film Selection

The owner chose premium ceramic window tinting film Glasstint Shure X as he couldn't give up neither heat rejection nor visibility.

Outstanding functionality film and Glasstint's know-how made outstanding window tinting possible.

Shure X is a non-metallic film with 95% IR protection that has no jamming and moire effect. Clearness that shows the raw color of outside.

Why you should choose a ceramic film instead of metallic or dyed

The comfort given by non-metallic and non-reflection film makes clear visibility possible under any condition.

High-quality heat rejection for daily life and clear visibility for sport driving are possible with a ceramic tinting film like Shure X.

Shure X is now our flagship model but our research continues for better window tinting.

If you want to read more about Shure X film tinting installations, you can visit our blog.