Porsche 718 Boxster Window Tinting

The owner of this Porsche Boxster requested window tinting re-installation to change to low concentration tint film.

Clear tinting film

Windshield 35 and side and rear windows 15 are well known concentration for tinting. This satisfies both privacy protection and visibility.

But these days, many people look for low concentration tinting. Low concentration film means a high VTL. High VTL (Visible Light Transmitted) gives clearer visibility and heat rejection is better than before.

Thick metallic reflection film normally has good visibility. However, because of its inside reflection, visibility was bad on night or rainy day.

Non-metallic film

Shure has outstanding heat rejection regardless of concentration. Also, as Shure is a non-reflection and non-metallic film with low inside reflection, it is the best choice to make for your car.

It is very important to remove the film completely before re-installation. Cleaning the car is very important. This impacts the installing the new film. Also, as it is a very sensitive process, this takes more than half of the whole process.

We repeat the window cleaning process until it is completely clean. Porsche Boxster's re-installation took the whole day.

Now the bright window tinting shows the interior softly.

Shure has 95 IR protection and 57% TSER

With the clear visibility, Shure's unique clearness is added to provide another level of clear visibility in any environment.

Non-reflection and non-metallic film Shure is free from jamming and moire effect.

Although it is bright, Shure has high heat rejection that you don't have to worry about summer driving.

We only talked on the phone during the re-installation. This couldn't be done without his trust. We really appreciate the trust he gave us.