Porsche Carrera S Window Tinting

The owner of Porsche 911 Carrera S had many experiences with Glasstint. He brought his new Porsche for window tinting installation.

Premium ceramic window tinting film Shure X

After looking at Shure X which he already had experience, he decided to install Shure X on all windows.

VLT Selection

If you like sporty driving, clear visibility and heat rejection is necessary part.

Premium ceramic film Shure X has clear visibility from low inside reflection, and 95% IR protection regardless of concentration.

There are other good films, but how to deal with it is also as important as quality of the film.

There are many people than you think who just sell film without any understanding. Tinting isn't only selling the film but it should contain installer's know-how and technique also.

Installation skills can even change the visibility.

Clear vision

Shure X is a ceramic film that has 95% heat rejection in all the VLT but still maintains a super clear vision.

Car that was together for long time. We hope to meet good tinting and good installer.

We really thank for believing our technique and know-how for tinting.

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