Porsche Cayenne Window Tinting with PEB

Sports car's excitement in SUV, Porsche Cayenne stocked in Glasstint. The owner requested Glasstint PEB window tinting film installation.

PEB tinting film

The owner enjoys uniqueness that he found the charm of Glasstint PEB tinting film while looking for tinting. After consultation with film samples, he chose PEB without hesitation.

Car has various segments and each segment has pros and cons. Recently, cross-over cars that mix pros of segments are becoming popular.
Many all-in-one products are hot in other industries too.

It may be natural that PEB tinting film is gaining popularity as it has outstanding IR protection and ability to dress-up.

PEB has the highest price in Glasstint. However isn't it worth to invest on glass which occupies most of the surface?

Loyal to tinting's basic and dress-up item to make my car unique at the same time. Only with tinting, unique charm is on the car.

Window tinting installation

Installation proceeds with PEB 30 on windshield and Shure X for other windows. It is hard to install PEB on all the windows as it is expensive and luxurious. If that is the case, try tinting PEB just on windshield.

Depend on refraction of light, purple, emerald, and blue appear.
Also it has 99% UV protection and 79% IR protection. This is far better functionality than general film.

PEB uses different level of raw material compared to low-price films. PEB shows luxurious exterior and has clear visibility from inside.
* As PEB has its unique yellowish felling, please proceed consultation before decision.

PEB gives unique beauty to any type of cars. Please experience it in Glasstint.